Session Four: Art History and Background

Goltzius' "The Fall of Man"

Image 4-1, 2: The Marriage of Adam and Eve and God Introducing Adam and Eve Details Jean Corbechon, The Marriage of Adam and Eve (1415) Print illustration from Des Proprietes De Chozes Fitzwilliam Museum – University of Cambridge Details Jean Fouquet, God Introducing Adam and Eve (1476) Illustration from Antiquites Judaiques Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France About These two […]

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Session Five: Art History and Background

"Saviour subject to his earthly parents"

Image 5-1: The Fall of Man Details Lucas Cranach the Elder, The Fall of Man (1530) Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria About Lucas Cranach, the father of Lucas Cranach the Younger (naturally!), was a celebrated painter in his time. He worked in the Catholic tradition until he came under the influence of Martin Luther’s teaching and embraced […]

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Session Seven: Art History and Background

Tanner's "The Annunciation"

Image 7-1: The Last Judgment Details Michelangelo, The Last Judgment (1541) Sistine Chapel, the Vatican About This remarkable work fills the entire wall behind the altar of the Sistine Chapel. It was painted twenty-five years after Michelangelo completed the chapel’s ceiling. There is a lot going on in this expansive scene. The focus is Christ […]

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