Talk to Your Father

Tim Sisarich looking at city

by Tim Sisarich I must admit that I’m easily distracted. Particularly when I’m struggling with a problem that I don’t want to talk about with anyone – even though I should.  But I recently pushed past the distractions and sent out an email to a bunch of friends, letting them know that I was going […]

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What Is The Postmodern Family?

Still from Session 6 of The Family Project

We live in a culture where the term “family” has lost a lot of its meaning. God had a very specific idea in mind when He created the family. The following clip is excerpted from session 6 of The Family Project®, “What God Has Joined Together.” Learn more about God’s irreplaceable design in The Family […]

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Love Matters

Tim Sisarich and family

by Tim Sisarich Love is such an interesting concept, especially for us guys. Too often we figure that if we get the jobs done that we’re supposed to get done, that is love. I have travelled the world talking to men and women about family and relationships, and everywhere I’ve gone, I’ve heard one version […]

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