The Family: Public or Private?

Multigenerational family in kitchen

by Glenn Stanton There is much talk today – particularly in the same-sex marriage debate – that because marriage is a private institution, one should be able to marry whomever they love. The thinking goes that no one should be able to criticize what kind of marriage another wants to form, or if they want […]

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We Need One Another

by Tim Sisarich We are all wired to be somebody’s hero – to do something great and meaningful for someone else. Every one of my five kids has pulled on a cape or mask and declared him or herself savior of the world, master of the universe or legend of our lounge! They are so […]

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My Family: God’s Story

Man standing on a stone in the water

by Tim Sisarich The opening prayer of The Family Project Devotional’s week one entry is a real beauty: Lord, reveal to us what kind of people You have made us to be. Help us understand … so we may live in a way that pleases You. I love those words so much – essentially asking […]

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