The Fall: Four Deaths

The Entombment

by Glenn Stanton Most Christians – and even many non-believers – know that the Fall brought death to mankind and the earth. But as Francis Schaeffer explains in his book Genesis in Space and Time, there were actually four kinds of death introduced into creation at the Fall. As a result, we all face and […]

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The Fall: What was the Result?

"The Expulsion of Adam and Eve"

by Glenn Stanton Satan tempts the first two humans – the first union – to disobey God. And they do. What is the result of this disobedience? Adam and Eve are no longer as God created them, living in the purity of their intimacy, fully knowing each other without limitation, hindrance or shame. In a […]

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The Fall: What was Satan After?

"The Fall of Man"

by Glenn Stanton It is no secret that Satan hates God – hates Him with all of his being. It would be an understatement to say Satan is consumed with hatred. From the beginning of creation, he wanted to sabotage God’s plan for creation because of this jealous hatred. His devious scheme involved leading humanity […]

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