Family Project FAQ

What is the Family Project?

Focus on the Family’s The Family Project is a 12-part DVD experience for small groups. It explores what we believe is absolutely essential to a biblical worldview—namely, a deeper understanding of God’s design for the family. The series also offers tools to help viewers incorporate these biblical truths into their own families, and to pass them along to future generations. It is being released concurrently with Irreplaceable, a feature-length documentary film that serves as an introduction to and overview of the themes in The Family Project.

What will The Family Project cost?

The list price for The Family Project DVD set is $99.99.

What is included with the set?

The 5-DVD set includes the 12 core The Family Project episodes and two discs of related resources. Also included are printed leader’s and participants’ guides for small group study. Additional participants’ guides can be purchased individually, or in bundles of five or ten.

Can I buy The Family Project in a Christian bookstore? Or from

Initially, The Family Project will be available exclusively through Focus on the Family. Later in the year, the set will be available through traditional retail channels as well.

How long is each episode in The Family Project?

Each video segment runs roughly 25 minutes. A typical Family Project small group might run for 90 minutes, with 30-35 minutes for introductions, prayer and video, and the remainder of the time devoted to small group study, discussion, and wrap-up. Specific running times are as follows:

  • Session 1 – 20:51
  • Session 2 – 21:41
  • Session 3 – 31:51
  • Session 4 – 24:17
  • Session 5 – 21:31
  • Session 6 – 26:02
  • Session 7 – 22:34
  • Session 8 – 27:26
  • Session 9 – 24:47
  • Session 10 – 27:34
  • Session 11- 21:03
  • Session 12 – 28:52

Is this a Bible Study?

The Family Project is not a Bible study, although it is solidly rooted in biblical teaching and is designed as a small group experience. It explores the importance of the family not only through the lens of Scripture, but also through history, art, sociology, anthropology, and science.

Is it like The Truth Project?

The core of The Family Project is similar to The Truth Project in that it is comprised of a DVD-based small group experience incorporating printed guide books for both leaders and participants.

How is it different from The Truth Project?

Rather than being focused on a series of lectures with one teacher (the role filled by Dr. Del Tackett in The Truth Project), The Family Project adopts a more conversational approach, following host Tim Sisarich as he consults with a wide range of respected theologians, commentators, and other experts from around the world. In addition, The Family Project is augmented by a wide range of ancillary resources, most notably the feature-length documentary film, Irreplaceable.

Is training required to lead a Family Project small group?

Unlike The Truth Project, you will not be required to participate in a training session prior to purchasing the DVD set. The Leader’s Guide included with The Family Project includes everything most leaders will need to host a successful small group. For those interested, several brief video tutorials for small group leaders will also be posted at

What is the actual content and how is it presented?

The Family Project is presented in a globe-spanning, documentary style hosted by New Zealander Tim Sisarich, a knowledgeable interviewer and guide. The accompanying printed materials offer additional insights, supporting Scripture, and discussion topics/questions.

What is the subject matter for each session?

SESSION 1 You Are Here—An introduction to the most basic needs of each human being and a discussion of humanity’s desire for belonging and significance.

SESSION 2 Let Us Make Man (Imago Dei)—Man is uniquely made in the image of God—but what must we understand about that image to know who we are?

SESSION 3 It Is Not Good to Be Alone: How Family Completes the Imago Dei—Humanity’s first and most fundamental problem was isolation.  God solved this problem by joining Adam and Eve in a relationship to fully reflect His image in the world.

SESSION 4 For This Reason—God unites the first two humans in a wedding and commands them to be fruitful and multiply. What does this tell us about God—and about ourselves as bearers of His image?

SESSION 5 The Man Has Now Become Like One of Us—In the Fall, a family was divided.  But redemption also came through a family.

SESSION 6 What God Has Joined Together—God’s design for family is essential to the health of every culture.  Social science and practical experience prove this.

SESSION 7 Mothers as Image-Bearers—The relationship between mother and child exemplifies the nurturing care of the God of the universe.

SESSION 8 Fathers as Image-Bearers—God as “Father” is more than a motif; it is central to His nature and core to our being.

SESSION 9 Children as Image-Bearers—Every child is a divine statement of blessing.  The bond between father, mother and child reflects the triune God.

SESSION 10 The Enemy—What is the greatest enemy of the family?  It might be closer than you think.

SESSION 11 The Great Mystery and Destiny—Marriage foreshadows the future of every Christian: the wedding of Christ to His Bride, the Church.

SESSION 12 My Imperfect Family—Families consumed with appearing “perfect” deny reality.  But every family must ask, “What is God calling us to do together for His Kingdom that we can’t do alone?”

How does it address single parenting, blended families, divorce, and other painful topics that leave families dysfunctional and broken?

One of the key messages of The Family Project is that there are no perfect families. Even the healthiest family is flawed and sinful. In fact, the final session is a discussion of how all Christian families—even in their brokenness and imperfection—can make a positive, redemptive impact on the world around them. Participants will discover that it is in the imperfection and crucible of family that Christ does much of His deepest refining work in His people.

Who are the experts that appear in The Family Project?

Note: in alphabetical order by last name

Helen Alvaré
Professor of Law
George Mason University
Cameron & Abigail Beyenberg
Dr. Kneeland C. Brown
Executive Director
Focus Leadership Institute
Freda McKissic Bush, M.D.
Medical Institute for Sexual Health
Cindy Butler
Former Executive Director
Unmarried Equality
Carey Casey
Chief Executive Officer
National Center for Fathering
Dr. Henry Cloud
Clinical Psychologist, Leadership Expert & Author
Stephanie Coontz
Professor at The Evergreen State College
Author, Marriage, a History: How Love Conquered Marriage
Jack Cowley
National Director
Alpha USA Division of Prisons & Re-Entry
Dr. Larry Crabb
Psychologist & Author
NewWay Ministries
Jim Daly
Focus on the Family
Sr. Peggy Duemling
Women’s Formation Director
Catholic Youth Expeditions (CYE)
Mary Eberstadt
Ethics & Public Policy Center
Author, How the West Really Lost God & Adam and Eve after the Pill
Dr. Tony Evans
Sr. Pastor, Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship
Author, Kingdom Man
Rabbi Shmuel Goldin
Congregation Ahavath Torah, Englewood, NJ
Honorary President, Rabbinical Council of America
Miriam Grossman, M.D.
Author, Unprotected & You’re Teaching My Child WHAT?
Mark Gungor
Lead Pastor, Celebration Church
Author, Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage
Dr. Jack Hayford
Founding Pastor – The Church On The Way
Founder/Chancellor –The King’s University
Joanna Hyatt
Speaker & Author
The Sex Talk: A Survival Guide for Parents
Jonathan V. Last
Author, What to Expect When No One’s Expecting
Gabe Lyons
Founder, Q Ideas
Author, The Next Christians
Rebekah Lyons
Author, Freefall to Fly
Dr. Linda Malone-Colon
Chair, Department of Psychology
Executive Director, NCAAMP
Hampton University
Elizabeth Marquardt
Author, Between Two Worlds: The Inner Lives of Children of Divorce
Kh. Frederica Mathewes-Green
Author & Speaker
Ashley McGuire
Senior Fellow
The Catholic Association
Michael Medved
Nationally Syndicated Radio Host
Eric Metaxas
Author, Cultural Commentator
Bonhoeffer & 7 Men
James Mhoon
VP, Content Development & Integration
Focus on the Family
Matthew Milliner, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Art History
Wheaton College
Russell D. Moore, Ph.D.
President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission
Southern Baptist Convention
Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia
Pontifical Council for the Family
Nancy Pearcey
Author, Total Truth & Saving Leonardo
R. R. Reno
First Things
Kelly Rosati
VP, Community Outreach
Focus on the Family
Doug Sauder
Youth Pastor, Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale
President, 4KIDS
Suzanne Sauder
Adoption Advocate
Dr. Roger Scruton
Philosopher & Author
Navreet & Jyotsaiban Sehgal
Berry & Elisheva Schwartz
Dr. Greg Smalley
VP, Family Ministry
Focus on the Family
Glenn T. Stanton
Director, Family Formation Studies & Author
Focus on the Family
John Stonestreet
Speaker & Fellow
Colson Center for Christian Worldview
Rev. Vasileios Thermos, M.D., Ph.D.
Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
Doctor of Pastoral Psychology
Rev. Ghassan Thomas
Christian Pastor, Iraq
Dr. John Townsend
Business Consultant, Leadership Coach & Psychologist
Michael Waldstein, Ph.D.
Max Seckler Professor of Theology
Ave Maria University
Giles Wayland-Smith
Oneida Community Mansion House Board of Trustees
Fr. Thomas Joseph White
Order of Preachers
Dominican House of Studies, Washington, DC
Bradford Wilcox
Director, National Marriage Project
University of Virginia
Gene Wohlberg
Sami Yacoub
Middle East Regional Director
Focus on the Family

What additional resources have been released to support The Family Project?

Focus has produced a number of additional tools related to The Family Project that families can use at home for their own practical application. These include:

  • The Family Project: How God’s Design Reveals His Best for Your Home by Glenn Stanton—While following the topic outline of The Family Project study, this book stands alone and delves into the subject areas more deeply. It provides a solid exploration of God’s design and the transformative purpose of biblical families, and also offers down-to-earth helps for living out those truths in your own family, along with inspiration for helping others do the same.
  • The Family Project Devotional: Reflecting God’s Design in Your Home by Ray Seldomridge—This Scripture-rich devotional offers a year’s worth of solid insight and encouragement based on The Family Project study.
  • Irreplaceable—The full theatrical version of Irreplaceable—complete with bonus material—will be released separately. This would make a great introductory or concluding session to your Family Project small group.
  • Adventures in Odyssey: The Ties That Bind—This collection of 12 brand new Adventures in Odyssey audio dramas explores questions about God’s design for marriage and family, tying in directly with the themes of The Family Project. It’s a collection for your whole family to enjoy and talk about.

How can I start a Family Project small group at my church?

One of the DVDs included with The Family Project set includes a wealth of resources for pastors and churches. Pastors can also visit for additional free resources such as sermon notes, illustrations, promo videos, e-books, and other downloads. If your church is interested in hosting an event, contact Briana Stensrud on our Church Outreach team.

Why is only one Participants Guide included with the FP set?

We made this decision for two primary reasons. First, including only one Participants Guide enables us to offer the basic Family Project set at a lower price. Second, we realize that “small groups” come in many different shapes and sizes. Were we to include multiple copies of the Participants Guide in the set, it would be difficult to determine a quantity that would meet the needs of every group. Offering the Participants Guide separately, in bundles of five or ten, seemed like the best way to allow participants in The Family Project to customize the material for the size of their group.

Are the Family Project DVDs playable on devices outside of North America?

Yes, the DVDs in The Family Project are formatted for all regions.