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An Interview with Frederica Mathewes-Green

Frederica Mathewes-Green

Why is a theology of family important?

It is important to understand the meaning of family because advertising and entertainment push us relentlessly toward a model of isolation–the brave rebel standing against the crowd. We no longer comprehend the purpose of the family, and have no tolerance at all for the skills necessary to healthy family life–self-sacrifice, humility, loyalty, and steadfastness.

These are traits that might seem difficult in the moment, and may not produce immediate visible gain. So we need not only an understanding of family, but a theological understanding of family, to grasp its greater meaning. It is not just what happens between the walls of our home, but part of an eternal story, rooted in the God whom Jesus told us to call “Father.”

What do you hope people learn about the Lord through The Family Project?

Frederica Mathewes-GreenI hope that people will find their understanding of the Lord expanded through The Family Project. Too many people confine their faith to Sundays, and don’t understand that the Lord is the foundation of all reality and is already present in their homes and their private lives. A deeper connection to the Lord will, in turn, enhance their relationships with each other; the sacrifices of family life make sense in the light of His sacrifice.

What are your thoughts about being involved in The Family Project?

I’m glad to be involved in this project. It only takes one generation for the wisdom of centuries to be wiped out. The way to make a strong and life-giving family, to build a strong marriage, has been lost to a great extent. This project helps recover that wisdom and put it to use. I’m glad I was asked to take part and look forward to seeing the fruits of this careful and comprehensive work.

Frederica Mathewes-Green is a wide-ranging author and speaker who lives with her husband, the Rev. Gregory Mathewes-Green, in Baltimore, MD, where he is pastor and she is “Khouria” (“Mother”) of the parish they founded, Holy Cross Orthodox Church. Their three children grew up and got married, and they now have eleven grandchildren. Since 1997, Frederica has been recording books for the blind with the Radio Reading Network of Maryland. To learn more about Frederica Mathewes-Green and her work, visit

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