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An Interview with Glenn Stanton

Glenn Stanton

Why do you think The Family Project is important?

Primarily because it offers a theology of family, which is something that has been lacking in evangelical circles. We have individual scriptures but not an overall story. But the story God is telling us through the Scriptures is critical. It looks at the bigger and true nature of who God is and why He created us the way He did. The Family Project is a look at family, but it starts with God.

What do you hope people will get from TFP?

Surprisingly, an understanding of family is not our first priority. It’s an understanding of who God is in His truest nature, and a grasp of the story He is telling from pre-creation to the consummation of time. As we will see, family is a huge part of that story.  But in many ways, The Family Project is really about the Gospel.

What did you learn while working on the project?

Wow. I learned so much! Probably the biggest thing is that although I’ve been a Christian for more than 30 years, through doing research and writing for The Family Project, I’ve discovered that God’s story through History is so much more profound than I realized. It connects with emotions of the human heart in a bigger way than I ever imagined. Also, exploring classic art led to some amazing revelations. To discover that these ancient paintings are actually sermons, and that they make the connection between God’s story and the family in profound ways if you know what you’re looking for was very meaningful.

How has it changed your family?

One of the biggest points we discovered is that the smallest things in family are the most divine. Like sitting around after dinner, letting the plates get crusty and just talking about… whatever. Our conversations don’t have to be “biblical” or “spiritual” to be divine. But when we’re sitting around just connecting, we are doing what the Trinity has done from before creation, just enjoying each other’s company, glorying in one another. And that’s pretty divine.

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