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An Interview with Tim Sisarich – Part 2


How did filming “Irreplaceable” and “The Family Project” impact you? Did it change you? 

This project definitely changed me — how could it not?

First, I learned that I was trying so hard to be a great parent to my kids, trying so hard to make sure that they’re ready for the world, that I wasn’t actually creating an environment in which they could thrive. I was only trying to teach them to survive

Solomon, who had wisdom of Biblical proportions, tells us to teach a child about the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it. An old Jewish guy told me that this little proverb literally means that we should study our kids, and learn their strengths, talents and giftings, and then simply encourage them to do more of that. Then when they’re grown, they will excel at life, and love doing it, because they’re doing what they’re wired to do.

I really like that idea, and I’m giving it a shot with my kids, and with the way I model marriage, love, life and God to them.

Tim-SittingSecond, I learned just how important it is to be kind to myself. You see, I discovered that God likes me. I don’t mean loves me, He’s bound by his own laws to love me. God actually likes Tim Sisarich and wants to be spend time with me, just as I am, not when I become who I should be. It wasn’t until I became settled with those two truths — and I’m getting there — that I could ever hope to see the same in my children, my wife, my community.

It’s not until we get a grasp of what Jesus talked about in the Gospels, of loving God and loving others in the same way we love ourselves — the greatest commandment — that we can truly know how to reflect the love, mercy and glory of the God of the universe to a hurt and confused world.

Yes, there are some serious problems within the culture we live in; yes they are dangerous and destructive. But as the old song goes, with Christ in my vessel, I can smile against the storm. I think I have learned, and I am seeking to pass this onto my own kids — that we don’t fight against the culture, but instead embrace people within the culture. We let the light of Jesus Christ so shine out of us, that those around us would see the reflection of that light, by how we live, love and care for those around us, that they can only but glorify our father in heaven.

Why should people see Irreplaceable?

There are a lot of people, including me, who have sunk a whole lot of prayer, sweat and tears into this documentary and curriculum series. My youngest sees planes and points, saying, “There’s Daddy’s work!” We really believe in what we have made. It is real and honest. I believe that it reflects Jim Daly’s heart for Focus on the Family to be an organization that walks alongside moms and dads, no matter where they are at.

Simply put, I believe that Irreplaceable will not only capture people’s attention and cause personal reflection, but it will start a conversation about how we see ourselves and how we ought to love others.

One final thought … it was a comment made to be by an old priest. He said, “Don’t look at this as the answer to fixing culture. Life is a journey and this one important part of the puzzle, another vital step forward in our pilgrimage as children of God and as precious members of His family.”

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