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Marriage: A God-breathed Delight for Mankind


The establishment of marriage goes hand-in-hand with God’s creation of man. If we read the creation Scripture properly, the creation of male and female is the creation of marriage. They happen largely in the same breath of God, do they not?

And while it would be wrong to conclude that marriage is everyone’s answer to the “it is not good for man to be alone” problem, it is humanity’s answer in general and was the institution that God gave us to solve this trouble. It is and has been God’s delight and design that each of us come into His world through the communion, love and commitment of a husband and a wife.

Marriage is the first and most fundamental human relationship, both the first divine and social institution. It is this coming together of male and female in the spousal union that serves as the foundation of both human experience and human culture. And God has these newly-human, newlyweds to join together and start their own family, their love coming together to create another divine human image-bearer to fill out their own intimacy and community.

John Calvin beautifully taught that creation is sustained moment by moment since its creation by God’s sheer delight in it. And to realize that the first thing He does with Adam and Eve is a marriage says a great deal for the pleasure that God’s derives from seeing a man and woman come together in every way in marriage. This is true of your marriage, of your parents’, your siblings, your grandparents and your friends and your neighbors.

This is God’s intention from the very beginning, as Jesus tells us, “Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning…”  It is what He does with them by his own sovereignty and holy delight. How does this impact and change the way you should view your own marriage, those of your children and the others around you. We must be passionate about and delight in what God is passionate about and delights in. Marriage is one of these things.

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