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Is Your Worldview Weakening Your Marriage?

Dr. Nancy Pearcey

The reason Christians need to be more intentional about developing a theology of the family is that we are all children of our age — which means we are prone to pick up the views of those around us, often without even being aware of it.

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An Interview with Frederica Mathewes-Green

Frederica Mathewes-Green

“Too many people confine their faith to Sundays, and don’t understand that the Lord is the foundation of all reality and is already present in their homes and their private lives.”

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An Interview with Glenn Stanton

Glenn Stanton

An understanding of family is not our first priority. It’s an understanding of who God is in His truest nature, and a grasp of the story He is telling from pre-creation to the consummation of time. As we will see, family is a huge part of that story. But in many ways, The Family Project is really about the Gospel.

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