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My Family: God’s Story

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by Tim Sisarich

The opening prayer of The Family Project Devotional’s week one entry is a real beauty:

Lord, reveal to us what kind of people You have made us to be. Help us understand … so we may live in a way that pleases You.

I love those words so much – essentially asking God:

Who am I? Why am I here? What’s my story?”

Let me introduce myself …


My name is Tim Sisarich. My father’s name is Warren Sisarich. His father’s name was Vladimir Sisarich.

My family traces the roots of the Sisarich name to the year 1801, when a young girl was banished from her home and told she couldn’t pass her family’s name on to her child. This poor, pregnant, unmarried teen, nicknamed Sisara, was disowned and tied to a tree to die.

While it was the baby’s father who freed her, he also refused to let the baby take his name – he was wealthy, married and had a reputation to maintain.

So her unwanted, bastard child became Ante, the son of Sisara. Ante Sisarich.

I think a lot about what life would’ve been like for Sisara and how, in the face of an utterly bleak and hopeless future, she managed to raise that boy and hold her little family together.

I bet she never dreamed, back in 1801, that her rejection and misery would become a family legacy. That woman, written off by everyone around her, is now the matriarch of eight generations of Sisarich sons and daughters, scattered across every continent of the globe.

I am Tim Sisarich, and I am a son of Sisara. And just like Sisara, I have a purpose and a future, and I am part of the story that God has been writing since before the foundation of the world.

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Tim Sisarich is a storyteller, presenter and author. He directed Focus on the Family’s documentary film, Irreplaceable, and is the host of The Family Project®.

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