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The Gift of Children: An Irreplaceable Gift


Every child is a statement of God’s delight in creation. Every child is a new divine bearer of His divine image, a brand new soul – that is snowflake-like uniqueness. Every child is a bold proclamation from God that He still desires to uniquely reveal Himself to the world through each of us.

Historically, childbearing is the first God-human cooperation and it is most significant. The result of the union between a husband and a wife is precisely what God is seeking: Godly offspring.  Ideally, every husband and wife, father and mother gets to participate in this service to God. And as anyone who has gone through the painful turmoil of infertility and other physical problems that prevent having children knows, the inability to participate in this glorious experience is heart-wrenching.

We know that something remarkable happens when a husband and wife come together in the marital embrace. That loving, passionate, life-giving union can create something greater than any individual can create: a new human being who will grow to impact the world — literally shifting the balance of the universe in some way. Each baby reveals to the world a very special part of who God is that no other baby has ever done, or will ever do. That is what God tells us in Genesis 1:26 that each human is distinct in his or her God-designed uniqueness.

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