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We Need One Another

by Tim Sisarich

We are all wired to be somebody’s hero – to do something great and meaningful for someone else.

Every one of my five kids has pulled on a cape or mask and declared him or herself savior of the world, master of the universe or legend of our lounge! They are so into it that their T-shirts and bedcovers shout out their favorites. Even our two cats are named after some obscure band of Japanese warrior superheroes.

I’m right there with them on this – I love it when my wife looks at me like I’m the only guy in the world who can open that jar, or fend off that bang in the night. I want my kids to think that no other guy can kick as far, run as fast or eat as many slices of pizza as their dad! I want to wake up with a shiny bright “S” on my pajamas because I’m the hero of my home.

In real life, even kids learn pretty quickly that their superhero bleeds when he runs into a closing door, tumbles from the top bunk or doesn’t make the soccer finals. But that really doesn’t matter: No matter how many bumps, bruises and tears that result, I tell my kids to keep soaring because we need each other.

I know for a fact that we can’t make it through this life on our own power; that sooner or later we all need to grab hold of a hero’s hand; that we all need people in our lives who will come charging in to rescue us – without regard for their own safety.

Heroes aren’t always the ones who win;
They’re the ones who lose, sometimes.
But they keep fighting; they keep coming back …
They don’t give up … that’s what makes them heroes.

– Quote from City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

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Tim Sisarich is a storyteller, presenter and author. He directed Focus on the Family’s documentary film, Irreplaceable, and is the host of The Family Project®.

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